IBO Italia | Italy

IBO Italia is a non-profit and Non Governmental Organization working in the field of international cooperation and volunteering, in Italy and in the rest of the world. It has been active in Italy since 1957, and it officially became an association in 1968. In the last decade it has involved about 5.000 volunteers in short, medium and long term experiences, and with its cooperation projects has reached almost 190.000 recipients.

It supports access to education and training, seen as fundamental rights of every individual and as an opportunity of change for the community as a whole. It brings children in volunteering projects and in bonding experiences, in order to promote social engagement, participation and responsibility.

In the field of International Volunteering it is active with workcamps, communitary services, Peace Corps volunteering, EVS and youth exchanges. Two weeks, six months, one year. Life-changing experiences.

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Association Lumea lui Pinocchio | Romania

The association was founded in 2001 and from 2006 it  promotes actions and activities for children and young people through the daily Center “Pinocchio.” The association is located in Panciu, a small town in the rural area of Romania where there are no aggregative centers for young people. In the neighbourhood of the town, two Rom communities live under difficult housing conditions and in an environment of strong discrimination with high rates of illiteracy, alcoholism, domestic violence, unemployment and a general scarce access to education.

The association implements educational activities as alfabetization, after-school activities, education to  personal care, environmental and not formal education (workshops on recycling, music, theater, painting, games, sport).

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Manampy zaza Madiniky | Madagascar

The association Manampy zaza Madiniky, that means “Help to the poor children”, was founded in Nosy Be (Madagascar) in November 2015, and it has its center in the village of Ambondrona. The association has the mission to help children and poor families, through the following activities:

1) Distribution of didactic and recreatonal materials, clothing and food for children and adults
2) Support to babies and children of poor families
3) Support to disadvantages children
4) Support to medical cares for minors, adults and elderly
5) Development of opportunities of fair tourism
6) Management of international workcamps in collaboration with Italian and international organizations

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Association Pueblo Grande | Peru

Association Pueblo Grande was founded in 2007 from the idea of educators, a sociologist and experts of communication that decided to put in common and share their competences  for the human development of the local community and to contribute to the education of people.  In the sub-urban settlement of Santa Rosa – District of Puente Piedra (North Lima), the association manages the project “Barrio Cultural Quijote para la Vida” that aims to empower childrens’ skills and competences and to be promoters of important social values.


Sevashram Center | India

The Sevashram Centre is active in Kavital, a village of around 13.000 inhabitants placed 60 km from the city of Raichur, in the north of the State of the Karnataka. The center started its activities  on July 2 1970 and it is managed by the Nuns of Charity and it hosts around 145 children from 6 to 16 years, coming from the neighbour rural villages. In the villages people live in harvest socio – economic conditions and a lot of families don’t have enough possibilities to take care of the daughters.  The center offers board and lodging to the girls, supporting their education in the local public schools. It organizes vocational courses for drop-out children and teen-agers.