EVAC | European Voluntary Service Projects

The third activity planned for the “Empower Volunteering Across the Continent” project directly involves youth from Partner countries. 5 European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects are starting between June 2018 and January 2019, leading to the involvement of 10 young people from 5 countries.


Where: Nosy Be
Host Association: Manampy zaza Madiniky
When: July 1st – August 31st 2018
Who: 2 short EVS volunteers from Italy

Activities in the field of non-formal education, scholastic support for minors and courses of alphabetization for adults.


Where: Lima
Host Association: Asociacion Pueblo Grande
When: June 8th – December 15th 2018 and September 24th 2018 – MArch 30th 2019
Who: 3 volunteers from Italy + 1 volunteers from Rumania

Non formal education and cultural activities for children of the local community through arts, sport, games, education to reading


Where: Panciu
Host Association: Lumea Lui Pinocchio
When: July 4th – December 20th 2018
Who: 1 volunteer from Peru + 1 volunteer from Madagascar

Operating alongside local workers in daily activities involving deprived children and teens from Panciu.


Where: Ferrara
Host Association: IBO Italia
When: June 4th – December 20th 2018
Who: 1 volunteer from Peru+ 1 volunteer from Madagascar

Information and awareness-rising activities about international volunteering for youth and students, at the national headquarters of IBO Italia