The second activity of the project “Empower Volunteering Across the Continents”  will be a mobility for youth workers. A specific training on volunteering management will be held in Italy with the participation of 13 youth workers of the consortium partners.

When: April 2018
Where: Ferrara, Italy
Participants: 5 youth workers of the coordinator + 2 youth workers each partner

Main topics

  1. Ice-breaking and team building Activities
    2. Sharingof experiences in dealing with international volunteers
    3. Motivation and expectations of the volunteers
    4. How to improve the welcoming, monitoring and tutoring of volunteers during their experience
    5. Short and long termo volunteering
    6. The next steps: EVS and best practices handbook


  1. To discuss about the role of international volunteers in the association and in the local community
  2. To develop new skills and competences in the management of international volunteers
  3. To share methodolgies and best practices in the field of youth work and social inclusion
  4. To acquire different tools to involve young people

Expected results

  1. Empowered networking among consortium partners
  2. Youth workers acquired intercultural competences, skills and tools for not formal education and team building.
  3. Specific methodologies for monitoring the experineces are shared and implemented.

Youth workers will have the opportunity to experience the acquired skills and competences during short and long term volunteering prokects for international volunteers.