EVAC - SVE in India a Kavital (Luglio 2018 - Gennaio 2019)

EVAC – SVE in India

EVAC | EVS in India

Title of the project: Empower Volunteering across the Continents
Where: Kavital, India
When: 16th of July 2018 – 18 gennaio 2019
For whom: 1 volunteer ITA + 1 volunteer RO (17-30 years old).

Hosting organization

The Sevashram Centre works at Kavital, a village inhabited by 13.000 people located at 60 km from the city of Raaichur, in the northern part of the Karnataka State. The centre, inaugurated in 1970, is directed by the Charity Sisters, and hosts around 145 girls between 6 and 16 years old. The young beneficiaries come from the surrounding rural villages, in which the socio-economic conditions are precarious and there are many families that aren’t able to take care of their daughters, and to offer them basic living conditions and an education. The center hosts the girls in a residential form, supporting their educational path in the local public schools. Moreover, it organizes professional training courses for teenage girls or girls who dropped out of school.


The project is located at Kavital, a village in the Raichur District (North Karnataka State) inhabited majorly by lower class castes. The principal occupation of the population is agriculture: usually workers, who have difficult educational backgrounds, are paid on a daily basis.  It’s an area where droughts are common, and it lacks primary goods like water, food, hygenic and sanitation services, means of communication. The climate is dry; the area is characterised by hills covered by rocks and shrubs, and cultivated fields. Every year, the irregularity of precipitations causes the destruction of the harvest and other discomforts.


  • Support to teachers in the classrooms;
  • Support of the individual study;
  • Activities of non-formal education.

Weekly days of service

35 hours per week – 5 days of service.
Free weekends, if there are no events of the association.

Board and lodging

The female volunteers are going to be lodged in the cloister in single or double rooms with a bed with mosquito nets, fan, an internal toilet with warm water, a closet, a desk and a chair. The male volunteers will be lodged with equal treatment in the parish next to cloister.

Lunch and dinner will be consumed with the nuns, while for the breakfast the volunteers will provide autonomously or will be supported by the cooks.