EVAC – SVE in Madagascar

EVAC | EVS in Madagascar

Title of the project: Empower Volunteering across the Continents
Where: Nosy Be.
When: 2nd of July 2018 – 15th of September 2018.
For who: 2 volunteers from Italy of age 17-30.

Hosting organization

The association Manampy zaza Madiniky, which in English means “Help towards poor children”, was founded in Madagascar in November 2015, and its mission is helping poor families and their children, through the following activities:

  • distribution of didactic and recreational material, clothes for children and adults;
  • food support for newborns and children of disadvantaged families;
  • support to minors with handicap;
  • support to medical cures for minors, adults and old people;
  • welcoming and hosting in the headquarters of the association for equo-solidal tourism;
  • collaboration and hosting for and with the international work camps volunteers, working together with Italian and international organizations.


The association has been founded, and it’s still located in the village of Ambondrona, on the East coast of Nosy Be island. Set in the northern part of the Mozambico Canal, the island has a tropical climate, often rainy, with mean temperatures around 25-26 C° during winter (during the Italian summer). Nosy Be has 740 hectars of rainforest and almost 1000 of mangroves, populated by a rich fauna.

The island’s main resources are tourism and agricolture: coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla and the ylang-ylang, since from its flower it’s possible to extract a useful substance for the cosmetic industry.

The island has an airport, located in the city of Fascene, at 20 km from Ambondrona.


  • Collaboration to the coordination of the short term volunteers;
  • scholastic recovery for minors who don’t attend to school;
  • support for kids with disabilities;
  • hygene education;
  • alphabetization: Italian/English/French;
  • collabration to house management (cleaning, cooking, …).

Weekly days of service

35 hours per week – 5 days of service.
Weekends are free, if there aren’t events of the association.


The volunteers will be lodged in the association’s headquarters in Villa Mangigny, in the sea village of Ambondrona, in Nosy Be. The structure, fournished of electricity and satellitar tv can, has 6 bedrooms with an internal toilet, with a shower and current water.

The Villa – which has no car – is 20 minutes away from the airport of Fascene and 10 minutes by taxi from Hell-Ville, capital of Nosy Be. Close to the structure, 5 minutes by car, there is a well furnished super market in which buy groceries; alternatively the market of Hell-Ville is open every day, and can be reached using local taxis, tuk tuk or api. Internet connection is not present, but the volunteers will be able to access to internet buying local SIM card for their smartphone/tablet.