EVAC - SVE in Perù a Santa Rosa (Giugno - Dicembre 2018)

EVAC – SVE in Perù

EVAC | EVS in Perù

Title of the project: Empower Volunteering across the Continents.
Where: Santa Rosa, Puente Piedra, Lima Nord.
When: from 4th of June 2018 to 20th December 2018.
For whom: 1 volunteer ITA + 1 volunteer RO (17 and 30 years old).

Hosting oganization

The association Pueblo Grande is born in 2007 from the initiative of a group of educators, a sociologist and some communication experts who decided to collaborate for the benefit and development of their local community.
The association created the project “Barrio Cultural Quiote para la Vida” that, in the sub-urban settlement of Santa Rosa-Ponte Piedra district (periphery in the north part of Lima), has the objective of promoting the values of democratic and active citizenship, among local youth.


The Association Pueblo Grande is located in the Santa Rosa neighbourhood, in the district of Puente Piedra (Lima, Peru). The area, located in the north periphery of Lima, is inhabited by more or less 15.000 people. Coloured houses on desert hills, in an everlasting state of incompleteness; a landscape ready at any moment to be remodulated, enlarged, demolished and rebuilt. Even if we are at the outskirts of the Country’s capital, we could as well be very far: it’s an area in one of the deepest parts of Peru, surrounded by taxi-bikes that run freely in the grey streets, lacking of services, few small shops and workshops, and wall paintings of mayor candidates promising, once again, great changes for the future.

Lima’s has been subjected to huge urban expansions due to the so-called “invasiones” of migrants which were moving from the core of the Country to the capital on the coastline, looking for better opportunities or fleeing from Sendero Luminoso’s terrorism. The children who were born here haven’t seen anything else in their life, apart from the desertic suburbs full of dunes. There is no ludic centre, no adequate football field, no movie theatre or green park in the immediate proximities.


  • Preparation and realization of reading and writing activities;
  • Activities of non-formal education and group games;
  • Activities of comunitary animation in the neighbourhood (movie projections, painting/graffiti, environmental workshops, organization of events depending on the different volunteers’ skills);
  • Collection of videos and pictures to be used for the promotion of the activities;
  • Sports (i.e. gymnastic and yoga);
  • Participation to the local library’s meetings.

Weekly days of service

35 hours per week – 5 days of service.
Free weekends, if there are no events of the association.


The two EVAC volunteers are going to live in an house in the neighbourhood of Santa Rosa, which could be shared with other people or left esclusively to them.